Lovin’ Right Now: Got milk?

Since my post on breastfeeding got such a big response, and I know that it is something that a lot of women love but also struggle with, I thought I would let you all in on something that really helped get me through.  If you are a wino like me (and I can honestly say that I need my glass of wine more after becoming a mother than I ever did before,) these Milkscreen test strips are a godsend.  You know the rule, “Wait at least two hours for every one drink before breastfeeding.” And usually one drink is sufficient.  But for parties, bbqs, mimosa brunch, or just a random Tues when one just isn’t enough, these genius strips will tell you in three minutes whether your little one is getting bottle or boob.  Dip the strip in your milk or squeeze a couple of drops on it (go for distance and it’s a fun party trick)  and wait a few minutes.  The strip’s color will tell you if your milk is safe.  It’s like a litmus test for wino moms!!  Brilliant.  Go ahead and judge me and my wine if you want, but I think this is a lot more responsible than just guessing (although not as responsible as actually not drinking but I never pretended to be perfect.)

Of course, I don’t have to tell you that getting totally shit-faced and taking care of your baby is NEVER a good idea (babies need to be taken care of by an adult who is not swaying and babbling like a toddler.) And as a general rule, if you feel tipsy at all, then your milk likely also has notes of blackberry, pepper and aged french oak, and shouldn’t be served. But if you don’t feel drunk but are still worried about any lingering alcohol that could harm your baby, these should give you peace of mind.  Cheers!

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2 thoughts on “Lovin’ Right Now: Got milk?

  1. I bought a pack of these but have yet to use it. I have my glass of wine when my baby goes down for the night, but I still like to pump 3-4 hours later. I find that when I drink til tipsy time, nothing comes out (meaning I have to wait a bit longer). It gives me peace of mind, almost like mother nature’s way of making sure my baby doesn’t get drunk. I should test my theory though, just to be safe.

    • It is funny the way that mother nature takes care of us winos. = ) I often used these on pumped milk to see if it was worth saving or I had to dump it. I always felt like crying when I had to dump the milk down the drain… that stuff is liquid gold!

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