Random Thought: On Baby Einstein

Baby Einstein videos are like crack for babies. Totally addicting.  And no matter how many times my daughter has seen them, and even though she knows how it’s going to end,  if it’s on the TV she’s totally engrossed and can’t turn away.  What is the adult equivalent?  Televised car chases?


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5 thoughts on “Random Thought: On Baby Einstein

  1. Maya Fitz says:

    It’s like Mickey Mouse clubhouse for my son!

  2. It’s brain-washing for toddlers. We used to have a video that a friend gave us. My husband was the only one willing to watch the thing with the kid. He would look up and realize that fifteen minutes or more had gone by as he watched the toy ferris wheel go round and round.

  3. Woody Wood says:

    You always knew where you were when:
    1. O J led his entourage down the freeway.
    2. The Twin towers came down.
    3. JFK was killed. (Showing my age).
    4. The first time as an adult you saw “Baby Einstein”.

    Are there other you’ll always remember when……

    Question: Is that how babies think? Far out!

  4. I completely agree — I use to put my little one in front of it so I could get ready for work. I don’t think she would even blink for at least an hour LOL!

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