Random Thought: Literary reference

You know what book I wish was real (besides Charlie and the Chocolate Factory obviously?)  The Babysitters Club.  I wish that there was a club that I could call to find a gaggle of wise-beyond-their-years teenage babysitters/businesswomen (I mean they even had a President, Secretary and Treasurer!) who would be willing to babysit my daughter for $5/hour (because what did they have to pay for besides candy for Claudia’s stash?) and because there were many of them (each with a very distinct, yet stereotypical, personality) I was assured of finding a baby sitter no matter what.  Can someone please start a real Babysitter’s Club?  Except maybe you are a group of kind, middle-aged adults (high school hours don’t really mesh with my schedule.) And you all have CPR training. And a degree in Child Development and/or Child Psychology and/or Pediatrics and possibly Music.  And it would be helpful if you were also trained chef (my daughter is eating solid foods now)  And definitely had good references.  And will sign an NDA and let me run a background check plus fingerprints and most likely a credit report.  But you still charge $5 an hour, are available at any time day or night, even at the last minute, and have a fun and imaginative name such as… The Babysitters Club.  That would be great, thanks.

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9 thoughts on “Random Thought: Literary reference

  1. Real-Life Housewife says:

    So true!! I loved those books as a kid, and I would love them more as an adult if the club existed with branches in all 50 states. 🙂

  2. Jenessa says:

    That would be great!!

  3. jaymers says:

    I would go a step further, and say that they should all be retired schoolteachers, preferably with applique sweaters and a rolly-suitcase full of craft supplies and Candy Land-esque games. Great post, I will truly be fantasizing about this.

  4. Woody Wood says:

    There is such a club. It’s called Grandma and Granpa, and is available in the Denver area. Occasionally however in LA.

  5. Awesome. On multiple levels. I wanted to be IN the club twenty years ago. Now I want to hire them. Well, them and the A Team.

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