Random Thought: The Joke’s on Me, Target

I went in to Target the other day to get some formula.  After nearly two hours and $200 of crap I don’t need later, I emerged as though from a drug induced euphoria back into the harsh light of reality, aka the parking lot.  As I struggled to carry my giant garbage bag with a bright red bullseye on it, I began to think. And by think… I mean over think. Hmmm… interesting choice of name and logo, Target.  I have a bullseye on my back – literally as the bag is so big and heavy that I must carry it slung over my back like a low rent Santa.  Well done Target, you’ve targeted a weak consumer and lured me in with your catchy tv commercials and seemingly good deals on stuff that I don’t even really want but somehow now need.  Well played, my friend.  But you’ve got this shopaholic and sad, cliché of a mommy for the last time!  No more will I be your target, Target.

Awwww… who am I kidding?  See you in a few days.  Same time, same place.

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3 thoughts on “Random Thought: The Joke’s on Me, Target

  1. I feel your pain girl. I can’t ever walk out of there without dropping over $100. They get me every time. Congrats on the baby to you and Simone. Be well!!!

  2. beachmum says:

    I really enjoy your writing. I’m a fan! Thankfully we live 45 mins from a Target. And an Old Navy. And a Barnes and Noble. Did I mention civilization? However Wal Mart is literally 5 mins from my house. 7 if you get in ‘traffic’. ha. If we were closer to decent shopping I’d be in big time trouble. I am a firm believer of retail therapy and believe that it is my part as a non citizen of this country (I’m a perm resident) to help you and yours stimulate the economy one Target trip at a time.

    And by the way, I have killer yard sales… (all the stuff I bought at Target)

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