All About the Journey, my ass.

A sick husband, a hivey (and thus unsleeping baby), a last-minute job, a non-functioning internet connection, a wild goose chase to fix said non-functioning internet connection, not to mention shopping, laundering, researching, packing, stressing and grooming for a two-week trip with my husband and daughter.  After the week I have had… I need a vacation.  The good news: I have an amazing vacation planned to Italy and Norway.  The bad news: first I have to get there.  On a 15 hour flight, not counting layovers.  With a highly energetic 14-month-old.  Whoever said that it’s “all about the journey” is full of poop. When it comes to traveling with kids, it’s absolutely all about the destination.

Actually I know who said, “It’s all about the journey.”  My husband, last night.  I laughed so hard that I almost shot wine out of my nose.  Of course, he hasn’t spent the last week packing, planning, shopping, researching and stressing about our trip the way that I have. He just throws his stuff in a bag the night before we leave.  It’s not his fault.  I am the one who stresses about such things.  And I would never dream of letting him help shop or pack for our daughter.  This is a degree of control that I cannot relinquish.  It might be stressful, but there is something slightly calming about knowing without any shadow of a doubt that you have 3 changes of clothes, 20 diapers, 30 lbs. of snacks, and 50 lbs. of toys for a single flight.

The prep is done.  Now all that stands in my way is the journey itself.  But I know that if things get hairy, I can just think about the destination… pasta in my belly, wine in my bloodstream, and a smile on my lips as I watch my daughter play with her cousins.  And if that doesn’t work there’s always Xanax.


ps.  I will be enjoying my “vacation” for two weeks, and that means a vacation from blogging… you guys are exhausting.  But I am sure to return with loads of stories to regale you with soon.  Ciao!

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2 thoughts on “All About the Journey, my ass.

  1. beachmum says:

    Just pop the xanax as you GET on the plane so that way your husband will have to deal with L in a very confined space while you are off in la la land. I hear you about the whole organization/planning thing. I am the Julie McCoy cruise director of this ship, that’s fo- sho. I mean seriously- my husband’s idea of ‘packing’ is throwing mismatched clothing into a suitcase as he’s heading out the door and then asking me “did we get everything”. Meanwhile I’m the one saddled with the passports, itinerary, THE WIPES and the kid. Um. No. Not fun. Have fun on your trip. We’ll miss you!

  2. Haha…hang in there! I agree, the journey is a pain in the ass with little ones and it is always the mothers who get the glares and dirty looks when there is a child misbehaving. Which is why we pack everything short of the kitchen sink, preparation is totally the key. Have fun and enjoy your vacation. We will all be here when you get back, totally jealous of you and your amazing trip but eagerly waiting to see pics and read all about it!

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