Just Say No to Crocs

My husband has pretty good fashion sense (he is Italian after all) but he is also a dad, and I am pretty sure that before they give you your Daddy license, they have to make sure that you own a pair of Crocs. How else could you explain the prevalence of this hideously ugly rubber footwear among men who are old enough to know better?  Anyway, so Daddy has a pair of Crocs that he wears around the house and to do yard work.  Today, we were outside in the garden, and then decided to take a short walk around the hood.  Halfway down the street my daughter stops in her tracks, points down at daddy’s shoes and says, “UH OH!”  My sentiments exactly, honey.

Just say no to Crocs. It’s for your own safety.

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4 thoughts on “Just Say No to Crocs

  1. Scribbler says:

    This is too funny! I have never been a fan of crocs, which is why I have probably owned a pair but I know people who wear them religiously, as in every-single-day. And they seem to have a pair in every color of the rainbow. 🙂

    Adieu, scribbler

  2. Crocs gave me a pair of Crocs but their not the rubber ones. They’re pretty comfortable but the “C” wore off the back of the shoe so it just says, “Rocs” now. Anyway, I guess this doesn’t count since they’re normal lace ups and not the rubber ones. I don’t own a pair of the rubber ones but both the kids do. I do wear the Five Fingers often but mostly stick to my sandals. I’m tired so please excuse my ridiculous divulgence of my footwear for no particular reason.

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