Things Never To Say To A Pregnant Woman

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4 thoughts on “Things Never To Say To A Pregnant Woman

  1. Sonya says:

    I had no idea so many people talk about pregnant women’s weight, but it makes sense. I have come to the conclusion that women are either fat, or skinny… there is no perfect weight, it’s a joke. Society sucks sometimes.

    As a child I asked a women when she was due, not only was she not pregnant but she was unable to have children. I think I was about seven. I still feel bad about that. I never say anything to anyone even if I am totally sure they are in fact pregnant.

    • It’s so true. It’s sad that, even during pregnancy, women are still held up to some individual’s idea of what pregnancy should look like. Ironically, while pregnant with my first, some people commented on how “huge!” I was, while others made me feel guilty that I wasn’t big enough.
      And don’t feel too bad about your comment. You were only 7! I am sure you didn’t even feel bad until years later when you realized what that meant!!

      • Sonya says:

        Oh no, I felt bad right then and there… I’m adopted so I know very well what it meant for a woman not to be able to have a kid. I guess I should have added that in. I then wanted to reassure the woman, but I didn’t know how to. So I just felt bad forever and left it alone.

        I assume people want to talk to you, as a pregnant woman so they look at the one thing they can say for sure, you have a baby in you, you have gotten bigger. (Duh there is a human in me). People are weird.

      • That is for sure. I know that most people don’t mean anything negative really, but it just shocks me how clueless people can be.

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