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Things Never To Say To A Pregnant Woman

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Cover Your Tiny Ears, Fetus

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New Amazing Posts Alert!

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7 Deadly Parenting Sins

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A Thank You Letter

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New Post!

Good Morning!

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Great News on Valentines Day (yes, even for you, V-day Shunner!)

Don't look so depressed! I bet your virtual "girlfriend" loves you!

Don’t look so depressed! I bet your virtual “girlfriend” loves you!

On this beautiful Valentine’s Day, I have good news and I have better news.  (Soo much better than the old Good News/Bad News game, right?)  Do you want the good news or the better news first?  Good news?  Here it is.  It is Valentine’s Day and someone loves you. Most likely, many people love you, but I hate to over-promise, so I am just going to say, “someone loves you.”  Yes, even you. You who “hates” this over-commercialized, over-sexualized, over-it holiday.  Yes you, Lonely Girl who just broke up with your boyfriend.  Yes, even you, Douchey Guy, who broke up with your girlfriend so you didn’t have to buy her a gift and instead could go sleep with easy-target sad, drunk girls without dates on the most romantic day of the year.

No matter who you are, there is someone who loves you. A mom, a dad, a daughter, a son, a brother or sister, a grandparent, a friend, or a pet.  And for those of you who truly have no one else… rest assured that I love you.  I may not have ever met you, but I am pretty sure that if we met, we would hit it off. You are obviously smart and funny enough to read this blog, right? So I love you.  Just don’t expect chocolates. Or sex.

Ok. So that’s the good news.  The better news?  Are you ready? The better news is that I have a wonderful new blog that is officially now up and running.  It is 99.645% better, easier to navigate, nicer, and tastier than this one.  It smells better too. Check it out!

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Have a great Valentine’s Day and always remember that a I love you. Yes, even you.

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Tough Happens

Today has been a tough day. Not as tough a day as many people around the world are having – fighting illness, war, abuse, hunger, poverty, and the inability to use the correct there/their/they’re – but more of a day full of annoyances and frustrations. Minor in terms of the scope of problems that I just mentioned, but that knowledge doesn’t make me feel less frustrated.  And I am trying not to feel guilty about that.  Sometimes we just need to feel frustrated.  To give into to it for a minute before we can get over it.  So I am.

My daughter hasn’t been feeling well for the past few days.  She has had a fever and has been waking up through the past few nights, which then causes her to be cranky during the following days because she is tired.  So I have gotten little more than a couple of hours of restless sleep for the past few nights, which has led to me also being cranky during the day.  So when my daughter has total meltdowns because I won’t allow her to put a plastic bag over her head, or she throws the lotion on the floor-causing it to explode all over the carpet, or when she smacks me the face with the force of a miniature prize-fighter, my own exhaustion and crankiness cause me to want to have a total meltdown.  What can I throw?  Who can I smack in the face?

Here’s the thing though.  It will pass.  One night soon (please God, please) she will feel better and get a good night of sleep.  And then so will I.  And life will be good again… until it’s not.  That’s the way parenting goes.  It is tough. It is wonderful. Often both at the same time.

So, I am not writing this post to ask for advice on how to get through this.  And I am certainly not writing this post to give advice on how to get through a similar situation.  I am simply writing this to remind everyone that Tough happens.  It happens to the best of us.  And to the not-even-close-to-the-best-of-us.   It happens in big problems and small annoyances. And sometimes we let our frustrations get the best of us.  Sometimes we even throw things or have meltdowns. And sometimes that’s ok… as long as you are not at work.  Or at a restaurant with tablecloths.  Or the grocery store.  Or on public transportation.  Or really anywhere in public if you can help it.


I am woman, hear me roar!!! (in the privacy of my own home, of course.)

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