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Random Thought: On “Toys” and Chores

For my daughter’s birthday she received lots of “toys”, like a changing table for her baby doll complete with safety strap, wipes and diapers; a toy stove and other cooking utensils, boxes that you put things into etc.  She also loves to play with the broom, dustbuster, laundry basket etc.  Her favorite toys all just happen to be things I dread… cooking, cleaning, changing diapers, laundry… basically any kind of household chores.  At what point do toys become chores?  Am I missing the fun here?  Do these activities become chores simply because we must do them?  I stared to think that  if I approached chores with a childlike sense of fun and adventure perhaps they could be fun again.  So began to dance around as I swept the floor and to fold clothes with whimsical abandon.  I literally began to whistle as I worked… then I remembered that I don’t know how to whistle and that my daughter also enjoys eating rocks, ripping up toilet paper, and spinning around until she falls down.  Ok, back to the laundry.  Sigh…

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Random Thought: On Baby Einstein

Baby Einstein videos are like crack for babies. Totally addicting.  And no matter how many times my daughter has seen them, and even though she knows how it’s going to end,  if it’s on the TV she’s totally engrossed and can’t turn away.  What is the adult equivalent?  Televised car chases?


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Random Thought: On baby dolls…

Are all baby dolls SUPER creepy, or have I just seen too many “Chucky” movies?  And why do little kids scream in terror at people with glasses or vacuum cleaners, but snuggle right up to a baby doll that cleverly “poo-poos” or whose eyes suddenly pop open when she sits up.  Or a baby doll dressed as a doctor.  If you are at a hospital, can you honestly think of anything scarier than a baby doctor?!  That’s even scarier than the slutty nurses at Halloween.

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